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  • Registration for the FALL Session 2022-2023
  • Register Online or at the Studio

  • To Register Online, click on the Customer Portal
  • Classes began on Monday, August 15th
  • Annual Registration Fee is $35 (non-refundable)
  • Monday, July 4th classes will be held on Friday, July 8th

    PDF Registration Info

    PDF Fall Calendar

    FALL Rates

    1 Class per Week $55.00
    2 Classes per Week $90.00
    3 Classes per Week $120.00
    4 Classes per Week $150.00
    Unlimited $175.00

    August 2022 Tuition will be 1/2 price!!

    Monthly tuition remains the same, regardless of a 3 week month or a 5 week month.
    Tuition is based on Full Session price and is broken into 10 increments for easy payment.
    Tuition is due the 1st of every month.  There are auto-pay options!
    No partial month tuition payments accepted.

    Fall Classes Offered

    Acrobatics Ballet Combo
    Hip Hop Jazz Contemporary
    Musical Theatre Pointe Tap

    Placement of the dance student is
    entirely the instructor's decision.
    Please note we do not place by age, but by
    level of instruction.  It is not unusual for
    a dancer to remain in the same level for
    more than one or two years.
    This ensures a better learning
    environment and less frustration.

    NOTE:  For immediate family members, there is a 10% discount off the total tuition.

    For more information, please send email to

    You can register for classes, pay your monthly tuition and make costume payments through Paypal!

    All payments must be in Cash, Checks (made out to Glenda's Dance Center) or Paypal.


    Dress Code

    • Dancewear is to be worn to every class!
    • Hair is to be pulled back out of the face and secured.
    • No gum!
    • No excessive jewelry or toys in class.
    • Be on time to class as it is essential to their safety to warm up/stretch to avoid injury.


    • Ballet/Pointe/Combo Classes:
      Light pink tights, light pink or black (solid) leotard, pink leather ballet shoes. (Combo students need both ballet and tap shoes)
    • Jazz, Contemporary, Tap & Hip Hop:

      Any color leotard and tights.  For Jazz, black Jazz shoes.  For Tap, black Tap shoes.  For Contemporary, tan Lyrical shoes. Hip Hop require the black jazz sneakers.

    General Studio Etiquette

    • All food and beverages must be kept in the lounge area.
    • Only water may be taken into the dance rooms.
    • No gum will be allowed in the dance rooms.
    • No excess jewelry is to be worn during any dance class.
    • Dancers should arrive on time for class and be ready to dance.
    • Siblings are welcomed at the studio, but they must be under parental/guardian supervision at all times.
    • For the safety and comfort of everyone at the studio, running and/or loud behavior will not be tolerated.
    • Glenda's Dance Center is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property.  Please keep all valuables in your possession.

    Things To Know.....

    • Glenda's Dance Center generally follows the public school holidays.  When in doubt, call the studio and listen to the recorded message or check under Holidays on the Calendar page.
    • The Annual recital is generally the 1st or 2nd Saturday in June.  Costumes will be ordered in late December.  Costume bills will be sent out in early November.
    • No gum, or excessive jewelry is allowed in class.
    • Do not be tardy to class.  A full warm up is essential to avoid injuries.  It is also a disruption to a class already in progress.
    • Dancewear attire is required for all classes.  Street clothing is not acceptable.
    • All hair is to be pulled back.