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Picture Day - Saturday May 4, 2019 at St. Cloud High School

Picture Day is a quick fun day, that normally doesn't take more than 15 minutes at St. Cloud High School.  We hope that everyone can make it.  You are not obligated to purchase any pictures, but hope that everyone is in attendance so the group pictures are complete.  If you want to order pictures, please view the Package Information and the Time Schedule.  If you have other obligations, please mention it to your instructor.  Also if you can make it at another time instead of your assigned one, we can put him/her in at any time for their individual shot, but please let your instructor know.  We usually do run on time, so if you're running late, try to call so we can try to wait on you.

When you enter on that can pay for your pictures with the Skip Stowers staff who will be set up.  You will receive a photo card to then proceed.  We will call in one class at a time (we have to keep it organized and not over crowded).  No parents are allowed in the photography room.  My faculty will all be there and will be posing each individual dancer to help with the best position we can get.  And don't forget the Picture Day  Guidelines.

Things to know for GDC's picture day:  it's lengthy but important :D

1.  Skip Stowers Photography is our Professional picture company we are using.  We will have 2 photographers working at the same time to try to get everyone in and out quickly.  The schedule is set in for each photographer.  Use times to the left of each listed class. (do not worry about the Group #...that is for the photographer to reference)

2.  We will be at St. Cloud High School in the Gym (that's in the back near the football stadium).   

3.  There is a lobby in the front of the gym.  That's where you enter with your dancer.  If you need a dressing area, there will be a locker room provided to change in.  There are also bathroom facilities in the lobby.  Please leave SCHS as clean as it was when you arrived!

4. When you arrive, please get in line at the Photography Table and take care of the purchases you wish.  You will fill out a photography slip for each group your dancer is in (that you are purchasing).  This is usually our biggest hold up..especially in the morning.  Please allow extra time to get in line and take care of filling our paperwork and dancer can enter the gym area without their slips.  If you are running late, please email or text one of us so we can hold up the group picture.  If you are more than 15 minutes late, we have to go on without you.

5.  When it is your dancer's turn for pictures, one of my faculty will call the group, from the lobby, to line up.  We will escort, and stay with this group till they are done, then escort them back to you in the lobby.  NO parent will be allowed in the photo area in the gym.  Thanks in advance for waiting patiently in the lobby. 

6.  For dancers in multiple classes, there is NO way possible to make this photo schedule without multiple back to backs or simultaneous times.  We apologize in advance.  Please know we see several on the schedule...moving things just made it worse.  So...know that we will wait on changes..usually we can start individual shots while waiting. No worries.  And if you're scheduled at the same times...for instance, like Jazz 3 and Acro Tues...just ask which to get dressed in first (in that case Jazz 3/Hokey Pokey first). need to panic.  We are aware and will wait. :)  

7.  If you cannot make your scheduled time..we are saddened but understand.  If you can make it anytime we are there (9am to about 4pm) you are welcome to still take your individual shots.  We will just work you in when you arrive.

8.  If you have special requests...such as sisters, friends, etc...wanting to take photos together, just tell them at the table when you arrive.  They will be more than happy to accommodate your requests.

9.  If you cannot attend picture day at all, again, we understand.  If you would still like to get the same pricing and get individual photos later...just call Skip Stowers office and they can set up a time in their studio in Kissimmee for you.

10.  LTD Soloists and are just listed together at the bottom of the list.  You are welcome to get dressed and be worked in at any time of the day.  

11.  These pictures are done IN costume, hair in bun, clean tights, dance shoes, etc..  Please adhere to our policies on the correct dance look.  We are passing out most of the costumes the week of April 16-20 at the studio.  We will try on costumes in each class at the beginning of their regular class time.  Parents are welcome to stay a minute and watch/help.  After that week is done...I will have a complete list of tights color for each class, as well as where to put hair accessories and any other details the instructor tells you at try-on time.  NOTE:  there are 4 classes that the costumes will not be in the week of April 16th....but I have talked to the company and upgraded my shipping so I will have those 4 classes in my hands by April 25th.  They will be passed out as soon as I get them in.  (the 4 classes coming in late are:  Combo 2 Tuesday, Jazz 1, Hip Hop 1 and Acro Thursday)  So again....we will have them in time for Pictures, just a little later than the others. Just wanted you to be aware so we don't have upset dancers that week, thinking they didn't get costumes.