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Love To Dance is our performing/competition team.  For those interested in joining and/or returning for the 2020-21 Season, please email me with your interest in joining by Friday, September 11th at 9pm.  I will send out all information about our new year via email.  We will not be hosting the meeting in person this year.

By registering to enroll in Glenda's Dance Center, you, the parent or guardian, acknowledge
that the inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present.
By registering with Glenda's Dance Center, you assume all risk for your child and yourself
related to exposure of COVID-19, and agree to not hold Glenda's Dance Center, LLC liable.

PDF Registration Info PDF Fall Calendar

Fall Rates

1 Class per Week $45.00
2 Classes per Week $85.00
3 Classes per Week $110.00
4 Classes per Week $135.00
Unlimited $160.00


Fall Classes Offered - Levels I-V

Acrobatics Ballet Combo
Hip Hop Jazz Contemporary
Musical Theatre Pointe Tap

Placement of the dance student is
entirely the instructor's decision.
Please note we do not place by age, but by
level of instruction.  It is not unusual for
a dancer to remain in the same level for
more than one or two years.
This ensures a better learning
environment and less frustration.

NOTE:  Monthly tuition remains the same, regardless of a 3-week month or a 5-week month.  It's due the first class of every month.  Tuition is based on a Full Session price and is broken into 10 increments for easy payment.  No partial month tuition payments will be allowed.  You are always welcome to make-up in a same level or lower level class.  Any dancer missing 3 consecutive classes (without contacting us on an issue) will be assumed quit and removed from the class.  They will have to re-register to re-join.  For immediate family members, there is a 10% discount off the total of monthly tuition.


ALL LTD Company Members



LTD Dance Company Information/Announcements

All LTD Dancers must read and understand the LTD Dance Company Information.

** Every dancer must be enrolled in a Ballet class.

** All LTD Dances/Competitions are in addition to the Christmas shows and Recital dances.

** Notebooks or Videos are REQUIRED at every rehearsal. 

** Leotards and tights are to be worn at every rehearsal.  Any color, any style, and clothes can be worn over top.

** Each member is required to purchase a GDC Jumpsuit, and other items as necessary for their dance(s).

** Company fee is $10 per month added to your tuition.  This begins with September's tuition and continue through May.

** All other rules are located in the LTD Dance Company Information.


LTD Important Dates at a Glance



LTD Company Bake Sale - Assignment Dates

Bake Sale Printable Version


For the LTD Company Rules please click below to view a pdf file.

Getting Ready to Compete......